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Founded by husband-and-wife duo, Andrew and Gemma Cronnie with the enthusiastic assistance of our two schnauzer sidekicks, we embarked on our videography journey in 2015.

Low maintenance.


Whether we're filming on your premises, or recording one of your own customers for a case study, you can rest assured that we'll be fantastic representatives of your brand and values.

It's common that we're trusted and get "left to it" - your time doesn't need to be consumed with logistical stuff that we're more than comfortable with managing ourselves.

Reliable, professional approach.


  • We make best efforts to bring two lots of everything: two cameras, two lots of memory cards, spare lenses, cables, mics... everything!

  • We use cameras that let us capture footage onto two different memory cards. If one fails, there is a backup with no loss of quality.

  • On return to our editing suite, all footage is backed up and secured in at least 2 separate locations.

  • Once your video project is complete, all footage and production files remain backed up in at least 2 separate locations for a minimum of 12 months.

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